4 Ways to Keep Toys Organized

It feels like summer is upon us! With the official start of summer starting this weekend, I wanted to discuss organizing toys since you may have children, grandchildren, or little ones in your home in the upcoming summer months. Children being out of school and home more doesn’t mean that your house needs to become overrun with toys.

Here are a few tips to stay organized when it comes to toys:

Have the kids help with it – make it a game

One of the easiest ways to keep organized is to implement “clean up time” at the end of the day or end of play time. Putting away toys at the end of each day will help keep everything in its place and make it an easier clean up. Or if your little one is playing with Barbies and decides to move on to coloring, have them clean up the Barbies first before bringing out the coloring supplies. Making it fun is also key when little ones are helping. You can sing a “clean up song” or count how many toys you put away. Making into a game helps your little one find it more enjoyable. And then you have a clean play room!

Use organizing bins

Organizing bins that you can find at most stores (Target is my favorite for organizing bins for a decent price). They can be great solutions for toys – especially if you have a shelf that holds organizing bins. The bins can just sit on the shelves and keep toys maintained. Even if you don’t have a shelf, they can easily go into closets or a designated area in your play room. Organizing bins are decently priced and you can pick different patterns if you want to make them fit the decor of your play room.

Keep “like” toys together

This goes hand in hand with using organizing bins – you want to keep “like” toys together. One bin could be for Barbies, one bin for legos, one bin for craft supplies, etc. That way when your little one decides that they want to play with legos today, the whole bin can come out on the ground for them. This works great for keeping all the other toys put neatly away.

Have a plan for new toys around holidays and birthdays

You can count on new toys entering the mix at birthdays at holidays. Have a plan for if you are going to keep all the existing toys. If you are, you will want to ensure you have enough room for new toys. It may be a good idea to set aside toys to donate that your little one may be getting too old for or doesn’t play with. Your little one can help to choose some toys to donate to make room for any new birthday or holiday gifts.


What are your tips and tricks for organizing toys?


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