Use MiniMOVES for your Next Small Move

It’s easy to still think back to when I was at the NASMM conference in sunny, warm Florida! But I hear spring is finally on its way – at least for the weekend. I know I can’t wait to get out my porch and sit outside to drink a cup of coffee Saturday morning. Hopefully you get to enjoy some nice weather this weekend where you are as well!

When I was at the NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers) conference in Florida in February, I was able to learn more about a great company called MiniMOVES.

Of course, you’ve probably heard of many moving companies. So what makes MiniMOVES any different?

MiniMOVES specializes in SMALL moves. Whether you are just moving one piece of furniture or a small apartment, they are the perfect solution for smaller moves. Sure, you can still use a large moving company for this type of move, but MiniMOVES is a more frugal solution and understands that your move may not be a whole house, so they aren’t going to charge you for moving a whole house when they’re just moving a couch for you.

MiniMOVES does state to state moves, corporate moves, local moves, apartment moves, storage, furniture shipping, international shipping, and more. There is no space minimum or fixed size that you need to conform to.

Call MiniMOVES today for a free quote on your small move or visit their website for more information. MiniMOVES even has a great printable moving checklist to help your move run smoothly.

EBTH: Everything But The House

Are you looking to sell items? Maybe even a collection of items? Everything But The House (EBTH) may be your answer!

Ophelia and I got to meet EBTH at the NASMM 2018 Conference last month. EBTH provides solutions for individuals needing to sell items or if you’re looking to buy items. EBTH is an online auction company that is proven to have a higher sale value than traditional methods of selling items. So how does it work?

Contact EBTH: Call EBTH for a free consultation. When you’re looking to sell, contact EBTH and they can walk you through the auction process. This consultation is free and can give you a great starting point.

Preparation: EBTH will review all of your items and upload them to their website. EBTH provides pictures of the items as well as descriptions to get your item sold! They will also take care of any items that are not fit for sale by donating or trash removal if necessary.

Selling the Item: All items are live on EBTH’s website for seven days. It’s an auction so each item will start out at $1.00 and go from there. Once the seven days are over, EBTH will take care of the buyer’s payment, picking up the item from you, and shipping and delivery to the buyer.

Sound like the right solution for you? Start here to have an EBTH representative contact you about selling your items.

Solutions by ShelfGenie

Back when I went to the NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers) conference at the end of February, I got to check out many vendors and products. ShelfGenie was at this conference and I wanted to share more about the company and what they have to offer.

ShelfGenie believes in creating personalized solutions for your home that create more organization, access, and functionality. Instead of just browsing online and selecting the products you think would work in your home, ShelfGenie matches you with a personal Designer. Once you’re matched with your Designer, ShelfGenie visits your home to learn more about your wants and needs with your home.

Here are a few photos from ShelfGenie’s Pinterest page of solutions they have created:

I would LOVE this pull out shelf for my mixer – such a heavy item and can be awkward to carry out of my cabinet. This would be great to be able to pull out the shelf and make it easier to grab!

Instead of a lazy Susan – I like this so things won’t get lost behind the lazy Susan.

Dream pantry! Pulling out the shelves would make life a lot easier so you can see what is really there without having to get a chair, move everything to reach the back of the shelf, etc.

This would be great for bathroom organization instead of just throwing things under the sink!

Your Designer then creates a plan to review with you to see what solutions they have created for you. (I know I like all of the above pictured solutions!) Once you give your approval on the design plan, ShelfGenie gets to work on creating a more functional, organized space for you that addresses your needs.

I love that this isn’t just a company that sells their organizing products. ShelfGenie takes the time to truly understand your needs and your home to create more usable space and provide solutions to your organizing needs.

Ophelia and I even got to meet the Owner and Founder of ShelfGenie, Allan Young, at the NASMM conference.

To learn more about ShelfGenie, check out their Facebook page or Pinterest page.


madesmart Bakeware Organizer

My daughter recently bought a new home and does not have a ton of cabinet space. She loves to bake and has a lot of different baking pans to keep in her cabinets. I thought I would try getting her a bakeware organizer to see if it would help give her some more cabinet space.
The Container Store is my favorite place to shop for organizing products. I already knew the organizing need, so it made it easy for me to head over to the kitchen organizing section. There were a few options, but the madesmart Bakeware Organizer stood out to me.
This organizer is great because it can hold a lot of different size pans. She currently uses it for muffin pans, mini muffin pans, loaf pans, and round cake pans. She especially loved that it could hold the loaf pans since they are a deeper pan.
The madesmart Bakeware Organizer is made of plastic so it is nice and durable. It also has rubber feet which is great to keep it in place in her cabinet. My daughter loves the clean look of the organizer and it has created more space in her cabinets in addition to keeping her bakeware organized.
This product is a win-win and I highly recommend for anyone looking to organize your bakeware. Visit a local Container Store near you or check out the product online:

Product Link: